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Korean Style

Learn the fundamentals and techniques that allow you to defend yourself and those you care about. The style Grand Master Jun teaches is Korean Tae Kwon Do - the Way of Kicking and Punching. You learn how to protect your body and use all of your offensive weapons. Size and gross strength are not as important as technique and speed.

Both Fighting & Philosophical Training

Each class begins with a 15 minute warm-up and yoga style stretching which prepares the body for activity, increases the flexibility and reduces the chances of pulling or injuring the muscles. Master Jun emphasizes the correct basic techniques, balance and adjustments to rapidly changing situations and explains the underlying philosophy of Tae Kwon Do - which complements the "how" of the techniques with the "why" of the techniques. His instruction explains the importance of meditation for mental clarity and calmness.

Benefits of Martial Arts

Learning Effective Self-Defense Techniques

Increased Flexibility, Less Rigidity & Tightness

Competitive Sparring to Sharpen Your Skills & Timing

Increased Calmness & Focus

Flexible Class Schedule


6pm - 7pm


6pm - 7pm


6pm - 7pm


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12am - 1pm

All Camps and Classes continue as scheduled

Camps are extended while students are out of school

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Do not attend camps or classes if you are experiencing cold or flu symptoms such as fever, runny nose or upper respiratory congestion.

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